Law school is demanding! In some cases, students have difficulty managing the stresses that can come with being in law school.Some law students struggle with balancing law school and the demand of  life outside law school like work, family and other obligations.Studying law is a rigorous and ruthlessly competitive undertaking, and can cause mental health repercussions like depression, anxiety and self-medicating with alcohol and substances. In fact, Law Schools are seeing a sharp increase in the misuse and overuse of prescription medications for anxiety (benzodiazepines like Xanax), or for improved concentration (stimulants like Adderall). Law students may find themselves in trouble with drug or alcohol problems early on due to use of these kinds of prescription medications or recreational drugs as a primary coping mechanism. Use of these kinds of medications or drugs, combined with moderate amounts of alcohol, greatly increases the chances of severe impairment requiring treatment.

The NCBA LAP provides free, confidential services to law students to help them become the successful attorneys they dream of becoming, LAP provides short-term counseling and crisis management, intervention, assessments, referrals to outside resources (such as therapists and treatment centers), follow up and on-going support, or just a safe space to discuss your issues. Helping attorneys recognize problems in the early stages before these problems become debilitating or cause a lawyer to commit an ethical violation is a primary goal of the LAP. We encourage you to call before these problems become out of control.

Members of the NCBA LAP also conduct workshops at law schools on stress management includes how to best manage time, what to look for in yourself and others so that severe problems may be prevented.

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HELP IS AVAILABLE, PLEASE REACH OUT! If you are struggling or know of another law student who is struggling:

  • Call the LAP Helpline 888-408-6222
  • Call LAP Director  516-512-2618
  • Email