Monitoring Program

A. The purposes of the Lawyer Assistance Monitoring Program are:

  1. to protect the interests of clients from harm caused by impaired attorneys;
  2. to protect the integrity of the legal profession from harm caused by impaired attorneys; and
  3. to provide an alternative disciplinary sanction where the interest of the public and the profession can be adequately protected.

B. To accomplish these purposes, the Lawyer Assistance Programs and local lawyer helping lawyer committees, where appropriate, will:

  1. recruit and train volunteer Monitors to oversee and provide reports regarding a Monitored Attorney’s compliance with the requirements of the Monitoring Agreement;
  2. require participation by a Monitored Attorney at structured recovery support groups and, if required, in a professionally facilitated treatment program;
  3. oversee the Monitors in the fulfillment of their duties; and
  4. provide documentation of the Monitored Attorney’s recovery to the Referring Authorities, as appropriate.