The NCBA LAP assists judges who are affected by alcoholism, drug abuse, stress, depression or other mental health problems and provides collateral services to immediate family members. Its goal is to prevent health, family and work related problems that will develop as a result of alcoholism and drug abuse.

LAP understands that judges are faced with difficult and important responsibilities and decisions that can often have a cumulative emotional impact as perpetual exposure to trauma takes its toll. Judges are human beings and the demands of being a judge can become overwhelming and in some cases lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and other serious problems such as compulsive gambling and anger issues. Like all members of the legal profession, judges sometimes face these same problems separate and apart from job-related causes.

Unfortunately, a judge’s problems and distress may be more likely to go unnoticed and untreated for longer because of the very nature of a judge’s role in the legal system such as the isolated nature of the a judge’s work, colleagues fear of sharing their concerns due to a judge’s position of power, a judge’s reluctance to seek help due to the public nature of their position.

The NCBA LAP offers confidential support to judges suffering from alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety and mental health issues. No matter how large or small the issue. LAP provides short-term counseling and crisis management, intervention assistance, assessments, referrals to outside resources (such as therapists and treatment centers), long-term aftercare case.

HELP IS AVAILABLE, PLEASE REACH OUT! If you are struggling or know of another judge or attorney who is struggling:

  • Call the LAP Helpline 888-408-6222
  • Call LAP Director  516-512-2618
  • Email LAP@nassaubar.org